Attention business owners who know that emails can be profitable but don't have the time to write them AND don't really know how to write them anyway...

Introducing The EasyEmailSystem (EES For Short), A Simple To Follow Step-By-Step Email System That Cranks Out Non-Spammy Effective Profitable Emails That ANY Business Owner Can Use Regardless Of The Time Available To Them, Their Level Of Skill Or Their Product Or Service

From the desk of:
William Stewart
Bothwell, Slightly South East of Glasgow
Bonnie Scotland, UK

Dear Friend,

I’ve been online since 2000 earning a full-time income as an Internet Marketer.

One of the first things I heard was “the money’s in the list” – meaning your email list of buyers and potential buyers.

And this is true – if you know how to communicate correctly to that list…

Long story short, creating a list seemed such a hard thing to do. It was too long winded to me and my new online buddy Mike.

We both agreed that we didn’t need to concentrate on this and we would make our money in other ways. (Now let me tell you, that was a STUPID rookie mistake that has cost me hundreds of sales and profits over the years.)

Mike’s a great guy and he completely understands all the technology stuff that goes way over my head about setting up websites and uploading videos etc

One day, Mike just disappeared.

Not literally, but I couldn’t get a hold of him. Weeks, months and years went by without seeing him or talking to him.

Then I bumped into him at an online seminar we were both attending. We got talking and Mike was doing great. I had to ask him about his disappearing act.

He told me just before he went missing he had been invited into a Mastermind Group that meets every 2-3 weeks or so to discuss all things related to Internet Marketing and making money online.

The guy leading the group was a big deal in the IM world. In other words, he made loads of cash and has a big business online – the kind of life most people dream about.

The guy (we’ll call him Mr X), told Mike to surround himself with people doing the right things online.

One of those right things was building a list and selling to it. People who were not doing this had to be dropped. And I was one of them.

Bottom line. Mike listened to this guy and from day one he dropped the people who wouldn’t help him get to his goals. He admits he was a bit harsh but he also says he doesn’t regret a single decision he took.

“You have to decide things and take action right away. As long as it’s the right thing to do – just do it” he said.

He now has a lucrative business and he credits most of it to this Mastermind Group and the advice he was given.

At this time Mike was making more money than me just from the activity on his email list than I was in my entire business. Now I have always made good money online but Mike was putting me to shame, so something had to be done.

You see, I have always known how to get people to buy things from me. It’s just a natural talent I have. But more importantly, I know how to analyse what I am doing and pick out the important elements and drop the unimportant parts.

With regards to email, that’s exactly the same. I had just never got around to building an email list – big mistake.

That meeting was almost 6 years ago (funny how time flys!!). Mike convinced me to go down the same route he had and I begged my way into a fairly high level Mastermind group and surrounded myself with like-minded people (including Mike).

Now I only ever focus on my strength’s and recently I have been getting asked to contribute and join other Mastermind Groups because of my email writing – so I must be doing something right.

I make a very healthy living off my email writing all because of the system I use. It’s not really new, just a collection of ideas that I have tested over the years that works like gangbusters for everyone that uses it.

What I ended up doing was solving the problem most businesses seem to have. Creating a steady stream of new leads, new clients and repeat buyers for their products and services.

I do this using email and it’s such a simple system that it works in all markets and for any size and type of business.

It’s a solution that can be adapted to any market with just a few tweaks here and there.

As it’s based on human nature and how people naturally communicate and if done correctly, there is simply nothing that can build trust and credibility in such a simple hands-off manner.

To crank out these emails doesn’t take a long time and it’s quite enjoyable as well – I know that’s a hard one to believe about writing emails, but it’s true.

The EES makes it easy to write emails that get results.

Results like these:-

“Pays for all his business overheads with the sales he makes to his list of prospects – €2,600 + every month.”
Mike R, Ireland
“Takes home $6000 every month by selling leads in the home improvements business for other companies to her list.”
Gabriel Thomas, Texas
“Jessica uses the EES to create anywhere from 3 to 6 new leads per week for an unusual product in a very tiny market. Her list is less than 200 people in total including her past buyers.”
Jessica Lately, London UK

I have literally hundreds of comments like these on file from people using the EES.

And in a short while you will be given the chance to become my next success story.

Why does this matter to you?

Because business right now is tough, and just to survive let alone prosper, you need to be able to get the most out of every action you take these days.

You need to put some ‘smart’ time into your business everyday – in other words you need to get a great ROI on the time you invest in your business.

Working smart, working effectively and getting ‘a result’ is not only good business, but it’s essential just to stay in the game.

The EES allows you to quickly get the right message out and move onto running the rest of your business safe in the knowledge that every prospect is being taken as far as they can in your sales funnel with very little effort on your behalf.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s a quick story of how I helped one of my fellow countrymen out:-

David F works as a social worker (or at least he did). His hobby is breeding and keeping exotic fish – especially Koi Carp. He gets involved in all aspects of his hobby from breeding the fish to building the speciality ponds that the fish live in.

He really likes his job and it gave him great satisfaction but he loves his hobby.

David had built a few ponds for himself over the years and he knows what it takes to build a specialised custom built pond that the fish thrive in. He was good at it and work got around and he started to take the odd job on for his fellow enthusiasts.

These guys are just as enthusiastic as David and they really know their stuff when it comes to all thing Koi related.

Now David always wanted to make this his full time job but there just wasn’t enough work for him to leave his permanent job and pay for the lifestyle he is accustomed to. He even placed some ads in local newspapers, some industry magazines and he put up a website. Enquiries were coming in but he never had the time to sell to these guys.

I was introduced to him and he told me he’d love to do this full time but he couldn’t afford to ‘take the plunge’. He was really keen to do this and I could tell that it meant so much to him. I decided to see what I could do.

We went over the sales process he was using and it turns out that he had a way to capture the email names of the people who came to the site but he only sent them the odd email. (sound familiar??)

Anyway, I wrote some emails for him and we started to convert some of the enquirers into buyers. I taught David how to write the emails himself.

He was at the point of making the jump into this business full time and that’s what he did. He always wanted to ‘live the dream’ as he put it and now he does.

The business has taken off and he now works full-time in the business and has 2 part time workers.

He did ask me to help him with the emails on an ongoing basis so I write 2 emails for him every 2 weeks and he simply tweaks them and sends them out. Takes about 20 minutes every 2 weeks.

That’s the sum total of his ‘selling’ system. People come to his site, they join his mailing list and he uses the EES to convert them into buyers.

He has completed the course work and filled out his worksheets, he now simply amends the email templates I send him and sends them out once a week.

David now makes twice the money he made in his (well paid) job but he now has what he calls freedom.

“Being able to do what I love, when I want to and wherever I want is a dream come true for me,” he says. “The EES is the one thing that allowed me to make this move.”

For him the system was the complete answer but for you it might just be part of the complete picture you need to get the freedom you want.

Right now you could be asking – “So what exactly is the EES and what can it do for me and how can I use it in my business?”

First the EES is exactly what it says it is – an EASY email system to follow that gets results.

But don’t let the fact it’s easy fool you – there’s a lot of power under the hood.

For example inside you’ll discover the following:-

  • The 3 things every email needs to have
  • How to connect with your readers (this is vital)
  • The secret method for making your readers desperate to receive your next email
  • A tiny little known fact that kills the average persons email stone cold if you don’t avoid it
  • My unique formula for connecting to your audience in a way so that they like, trust and respect you and your opinions (you’ll love this)
  • When you need a result fast you’ll know all the advanced language patterns you MUST include in your email copy
  • The 3 biggest mistakes to avoid at all cost in your emails
  • What NEVER to put in an email – this will CRIPPLE response if any of these are used
  • How to put links in an email so they get clicked
  • An amazing discovery that takes all the pressure off the writer(you) when writing emails – at last you can write effective emails with ease
  • And lots more

Imagine what it will be like to shortly be writing effective profit-pulling emails in no time flat using the EES…

Here’s what you’ll be getting when you order today:-

You get a 5 part email course delivered to you(via email) over the space of 10 days that teaches you:-

  • Why email is so effective – when cone correctly
  • What you must do ASAP to benefit from email in your business straight away
  • The complete system I use broken down for you in ways you will be able to use right away
  • How to plan the next 12 months email strategy in 20 minutes
  • Comprehensive workbook that forces you to drill deep in areas you must master to use email effectively
  • The answers you arrive at in this workbook will form the basis of every email you send in future and save you a load of time writing them – no more writers block. Just open the book, spend a minute or two and crank out another email – it’s as simple as that
  • Email templates for you to follow/copy/emulate. Note these are not 100% complete but they are the skeleton of successful emails you will have to tweak. You simply decide what one you will use, open up your workbook and fill in the blanks. Simple, fast and highly effective
  • Comprehensive FAQ in PDF and video format where I cover the most common questions regarding email. This is not part of the EES but will complete your ‘education’ regarding the subject of email

After going through the EES, you will be able to start using email for profit in your business right away. For some this will be the first time EVER email has been done right.

It’s a powerful yet simple system, you’ll be blown away at how easy YOU can write profitable emails – AND all in less than 20 minutes typically from start to finish.

Here’s a couple of bonuses that make this a no-brainer

You get:-

  • A 7 step email follow up series for people selling products – this will complete your ‘case’ for buying any product that doesn’t sell first time(this is the EXACT system I use when I put together email sequences for my clients)
  • How to use lowly email to launch a product (YES, email can be used to launch a new product or service to your own list of clients or prospects at ZERO cost – one good launch can double your business overnight!!!)

But there is more than one option for you if you really want to get good at email writing or you want us to do most of the heavy lifting for you…

Let’s refer to everything that’s mentioned above as Option A. (We’ll get to the price in a minute…)

Now I am going to describe a second option to you. This option is only available for the next 48 hours and rewards people who take action. This is a one off deal and won’t be repeated to you again.

Here’s the details…

You’re going to get everything mentioned in Option A above, and you will also get 2 emails sent to you every 2 weeks that you simply tweak using the answers you already have from the workbook you completed during the course.

In other words, we have done the strategising for you, we have created the email templates for you and all you need to do is personalise the emails to you or your business and hit send.

Email writing doesn’t get easier than this…

This is the same service we offer to David F in the earlier story about how he has grown his pond building business from scratch using the EES – remember??

I want to make this really easy for you and to save you going through all the hassle I had learning to do this correctly – and, it’s so important I’m sure YOU want to get it right first time as well.

Because of this I am going to offer a discount for taking action right now.

I’m also going to throw in another bonus just for those who take me up on Option B.

When you say yes to Option B I will also give you these 3 bonuses:-

  1. A complete list building course for you to follow along with. (Hint: Building a list is not that hard. You just need to start. Then when you start cranking out ‘edu-taining’ emails the list will grow all by itself) (Value – $97)
  2. I will give your email sequence a personal critique. Either your intro email when people join your list or your email sequence when your looking to sell a product – you decide. (Value – PRICELESS)
  3. Recording of some of my email critiques that past customers have allowed me to release to the public. (Note: some details have been removed for privacy reasons, but other than that, they are complete. (Value – $97)

Here’s the deal…

Normally we charge $67 for the email course and a further $27 per month for the 4 email templates.

But I did say I want to make this easy for you AND I would give you a discount AND some extra bonuses so you don’t pay $67 as a one-off and $27 per month.

Instead you can get a 30% discount off of the initial figure and a massive 37% discount off the ongoing fee which means that if you take action now you can get the upgraded version of the course and bonuses and the ongoing emails for – $46.90 one-off and just $17 per month for the 4 emails per month that are sent to you at a rate of 2 emails every two weeks.

This way you get to see the types of email I produce and you can keep getting these emails for as long a time as you think you need them before deciding to write the emails yourself.

Let me say this though. The EES is a complete course and you don’t need to get me to write the emails for you. I would if I was you because it saves you a ton of time AND you still get the same result saving all that time AND you get the course at a big discount.

Another way of putting it is this (and I really shouldn’t be saying this but a lots of people think like this anyway) – if you go for the fast action bonuses and ongoing email writing and decide that after 2 months you’re ready to go it alone, then you still paid less than the one-off price for the EES course AND you get to keep all the bonuses.

So you really can’t lose by doing it this way.

Some people have said I’m mad doing it this way and I’m crazy telling people a way to get my product cheaper but the bottom line is this:-

My stuff works and if I have happy customers that leads to more happy customers no matter if I showed them a way to get this at a discount, we both still win.

So after you complete the course work (which is enjoyable and valuable to you) you simply tweak the templates I send you and send to your list at a rate of 1 per week and watch the results come in.

I can’t make it any easier than that AND you’re still learning a very valuable skill at the same time.

So, here’s how easy it is to get going with this…

  1. To get going right away simply pick one of the two options A or B
  2. You’ll then be taken to a PayPal page where you will check out
  3. Next you’ll get an email from me welcoming you and we get right into the course. (You could be doing this in a few minutes from now – even if it’s 4 o’clock in the morning where you are)


I am going to take all the risk on this one…

My Unique 30 Day Triple Guarantee.

1)      If you don’t improve your email writing and the speed at which you write them – let me know and you’ll get a full refund.

2)      If you see the material and you don’t think you’ll make at least 10 times the cost of your investment – let me know and you’ll get a full refund.

3)      Heck, even if you don’t like the font I use in the report or anything else – let me know and you’ll get a full refund.

If you do decide to get a refund, you get to keep all the bonuses (except my personal critique).

I’m that confident that I can have you writing emails for profit the same way I have helped hundreds of other people now so I am offering the above guarantee.

Now it’s my money on the line not yours.

As you can only profit from here on in, but you know what?

When you’re that confident in a product you back it to the hilt – and that’s all I’m doing here.

You’re probably just like me and you’d do the same.

So, remember the price goes away in 48 hours – no exceptions.

You see, the people who take action on something this good are the exact people I want to be working with going into the future.

I want to be able to do joint ventures with my clients, I want to build up strong profitable relationships with my customers so we can tackle bigger projects together.

So that’s a second reason I’m giving the discount, making the guarantee but also limiting the time these places are open for.

So now it’s decision time, I know what I’d do. Click on one of the options below to get started right away and I’ll see you on the other side.

All the very best


P.S. Remember, you’re covered by my “My Unique 30 Day Triple Guarantee. All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are on you. If it turns out that you don’t like this program — for ANY reason — simply let me know and I’ll promptly refund you in full.

P.P.S. Which one is more valuable to you? $46.90 (one-off) then a measly 57cents a day or getting trained in the one online tactic that has been going around since the beginning of the Internet? It’s not going away and  EVERYBODY uses it?

I’m sure the answer is the latter, however to help you decide… here’s what some people have to say about the EasyEmailSystem and what it’s done for them:

“This system is so easy to pick up that I consider myself to be a decent email writer now. I am not alone in thinking that as my customers buy more products from me via email than anything else I am doing. My sale price is higher on average by 12% as well.”
Frank Fitzpatrick, Glasgow, UK
“I had struggled for years making sense of email and I know I would never be able to produce the emails I now do if it was not for this course. Every business needs email so every business needs to get this material.”
Mellinda, Sydney, AUS
“I know a thing or two about marketing but I still used to get writers block. Not now. My clients keep asking me why I changed my email writing style and I tell them I wanted a change and heard this was a simple system to follow. I must have passed on this URL to about 2 dozen good clients and I encourage anyone who uses email to get this system. You simply can’t go wrong. Last month I picked up 2 clients worth over £29,000 to me in fee’s and in all honesty, I must have ‘invested’ about 60 minutes in total to get both of them – great stuff.”
Stan 'The Man' Merryman, Marketing Consultant, London, UK